Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at Home 2009

Nothing like spending Christmas with family!  This was the first year that Traci, Junah, and I spent Christmas Eve and Day at home together.  For Christmas Eve we re-enacted Luke Chapter 2.  Junah was baby Jesus, Traci was Mary, and I played the part of the Joseph.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Christmas Day we enjoyed the morning opening some presents - Junah got his first pair of skis (80cm XC style with strap around bindings), and some sweet Patagonia Bibs that are good for a few sizes, as well as, diaper functional = KEY! 

then we went to the Hollingshead home (Inlaw Christmas Party) to enjoy some sledding on the golf course behind their home.  All was good until food poisoning set in.   I felt it hit me like a rock and could barely drive home after the festivities.  Nothing like spending Christmas night throwing up to the tune of 50+ times - YUCK!!!

I recovered   

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